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Cary, North Carolina is a suburb of Raleigh, and an amazing city to live and work. The city is a great place for families, thanks to great schools and a thriving economy. Cary has plenty of amenities to offer, both in its own right and due to its close proximity to Raleigh. 

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Cary, North Carolina is a town just to the west of the state capital of Raleigh. Due to Cary being a suburb of the state capital, the town is sometimes referred to as a “bedroom community”. While it is true that many residents of Cary work in Raleigh, Cary has a lot to offer in its own right as a place to live and work. Cary’s economy is thriving, with the town benefitting form its location near the Research Triangle, which is a region anchored by three of North Carolina’s research universities. Because of its ideal location, multiple tech companies have set up in Cary, providing great jobs for the local economy and causing an influx of young professionals to the town. While a suburb, Cary has an excellent nightlife which, combined with the great job prospects, make it an ideal place for young professionals to live. Cary is also a very family friendly community, thanks to great schools and a low crime rate. The combined factors of a great economy, thriving nightlife great schools and a low crime rate have all contributed to make Cary an attractive place to live, regardless of lifestyle; as a result, Cary has grown dramatically in recent years, as more people decide to move to the town. Cary has a thriving real estate market, mainly made up of single-family homes, with most residents owning the homes that they live in.

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